Sunday, October 11, 2009


You've had it before. It starts early on Friday...the insidious feeling of an oncoming weekend. The symptoms start coming on strong: ADD, excessive facebooking, manic clock-watching, unusually long lunch breaks, and an embarassing eagerness to leave at 5 pm on the dot (one of the few times you'll make a concerted effort to be punctual in your life). Nothing is accomplished when you have Fridayitis. You make a few feeble efforts to finish a project or write that e-newsletter article, but it just can't be done. You've got it bad.

And so went my Friday. There were phone calls to be made and e-mails to be sent out. And they were. There was more organization of projects and coordination and moving forward. But there came a time, somewhere around 3 pm where things all just kind of shut down. I hit the proverbial wall. The crossword I'd been working on during my gloriously long lunch had somehow made it's way right next to my computer to be worked on in between e-mails. It was three-day weekend time, baby (THANK YOU FEDERAL HOLIDAYS!!!), and I was done making phone calls. Except not. There was that one I made around 4 pm, which was returned at, wait for it, 4:58. Man, my bag was all put together, and I'd closed out all my programs, and I was ready to roll out into the beautful fall sunshine. And then the phone rang. And the people on the other end were not put together. And I trying to politely get them off the phone as fast as possible. And I was not successful. I ended up leaving at 5:08. As Homer Simpson would so eloquently put it," D'oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And that my friends, it what is known as bad karma. I frittered away my afternoon, and my just rewards was leaving late. Let this be a lesson to you all. Do your work and keep your nose clean, and you shall recover from Fridayitis enough to leave marvelously ontime.

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