Saturday, October 31, 2009

Slide to the left, slide to the right. Cha cha real smooth!

I see boxes in my dreams. Boxes filled with blue mugs and bubble wrap with a perfectly folded letter inside a perfectly printed envelope resting artistically on top. I see them like an endless procession that mirrored my activities of the past week. Constructing boxes, cutting bubble wrap, polishing the mug, wrapping said mug in said bubble wrap and placing in box, printing envelopes and folding letters, taping the box shut, printing address labels, and stacking the completed boxes in endless rows of perfect sameness. It is SO GREAT to be an intern. I felt like I was working for the post office.

On the plus side, both of my bosses were out of the country, which meant that it was dance party time in the office. I jammed to Pandora while doing my bubble wrap thing. You just can't do that when the bosses are in and sharing an office with you. One of my upcoming projects though includes stamping 750 brown bags with the company logo before our big art festival. Woot! We'll see if that too can be segued into groove time.

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