Sunday, August 15, 2010


So, I'm officially into week two of the program. Holy crap. Things have gotten super intense super fast. I just didn't know!! I taught three times last week, which was interesting, but this next week I only have one assessed lesson, which is nice.

This weekend was lazy, but also crazy. We went out on Friday night to hit the town. :) Then yesterday we saw a movie at the mall. It was so funny, hanging around the mall eating McDonalds. Sometimes I really don't feel like I'm in Bulgaria! Today was work work work. Man.

And then sometimes definitely do feel like I'm in a foreign land. Like when I got on the tram late one evening this week, and it didn't follow it's route. I was like, hmmmm, this doesn't look familiar. Like, at all. Turns out it was going to wherever the trams live at night, cause they were closed. This only became semi-clear to me after pretty much everyone had gotten off the tram after a particularly long announcement which I neither understood nor paid attention to. So I went to the driver and pointed to a map, and asked if we were going there. He started speaking very quickly in Bulgarian, and the only word I understood was taxi. So I said, okay, into a taxi I go. Thank goodness the taxi driver spoke English. When I told him where we were going, he just looked at me and said, "Ohhhhhhh. That's a bad part of town." And I said, "Why?" And he said, "Because that's where all the gypsies live." That's the second time we've been told that, but honestly, we've had zero trouble (knock on wood), and our neighborhood doesn't seem particularly sketchy.

The pictures were taken from my window and our balcony. Behold, Gypsy Town!

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