Sunday, August 8, 2010

Next stop, Folk Festival

Yesterday was SO COOL!! We (myself, the other American and two Brits) went to a festival that happens only once every five years. It was up in the mountains to the east of Sofia, and it was incredible. There were few English speaking tourists, just lots and lots of people in their traditional dress, cool dancing, and hogs on a spit. :) Delicious.

We hopped on a bus to the town of Koprivshtitsa in the morning, and went on a slow bus ride through the beautiful countryside. We then walked into the town and had some lunch, then headed up the mountain to the festival. We thought it was relatively small at first, but then wandered along a path, and the festival just kept going and going and going! We eventually dubbed it "Folk Idol" because there was a judging booth at each stage. We were loathe to leave, but we had to come back to do our work for classes. *Sigh*. But we were so glad to have gone.

I taught my first class on Friday, and it went well overall. It wasn't too scary once I got up there and actually started teaching, so hopefully the more I do it the less nerve wracking it will be. I've slipped back into all of my bad habits from school, like severe procrastination and constantly munching. Hmmm. That has to stop. I teach again on Tuesday, so I have a lesson plan to do. :)

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